Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Tuscan Traveller: Take 1

Greetings from Italy!
It's been a busy few days here in Tuscany- lots of concerts and sightseeing; with less sleep. Montecatini (alternatively known as Montycatty by some of my less cultured friends,) is a beautiful place with some stunning views, but we have also visited Pisa and Florence which are equally gorgeous. Unfortunately, the beauty of Lucca (which has been described as the most exquisite place in Italy) was denied to us as we were in dire need of extra rehearsal. Last night we performed a set in an exclusive members-only dining and theatre club, which was both terrifying and amazing- though the sheer amount of food we were provided with was potentially the highlight so far, made by some famous-ish guy with a book and a dvd who looked a bit like a bad santa. Essentially it was this that made our many hours of 'practice' by the pool worthwhile. In fact, that was our fourth gig, others of which have included singing mass on a roasting hot evening- thankfully, no one hit the deck despite the heat, and outside the leaning tower of Pisa- I was denied entrance to the cathedral as my shoulders were out- a risqué move which apparently was not well received by the catholic church. Today we are hitting Florence again and painting the town red, as it were, while tomorrow is the beach, which is great as I am currently rocking the 'pale and interesting' look- culture is great but doesn't provide a good tan.

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