Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Bologne- Not Quite a City of Dreams

Very little to report today- to which you may ask why I am bothering to write anything.
The answer is that I have an hour to kill before going for dinner and I am trying a new thing where I don't spend every free minute I have on Facebook.
Much of this morning was taken up by travelling to Bologne, after which it took comparitively little time to discover that their is absolutey nothing to do here; though the main sqaure is pretty, it is essentially just that- a square, and as such did not take very long to explore. Upon researching (ie: googling,) the various clubs within the immediate vicinity, we decided upon one called Black Shadow, which we would adorn our glad-rags in order to hit up this evening. Unfortunately, this recreational spot turned out to be a strip- club. Though I essentially had no problem with this, and Isabella was actually quite keen to go, as Sophie is yet to try the clubbing scene, we thought it might be a bit full-on.
As such, we have fully planned tomorrow's excursion to Venice, which will be an early start but definitely worth it, as I am assured it is an extremely interesting location- (as soon as I discovered that you had to take a water-taxi from the station to reach the city, I was sold.)
Tomorrow is my last full day in Itay before a brief stint back in Leeds, and so I will endeavour to spend a little time concluding my trip before I jet off for the glamourous life in NYC- concrete jungle that dreams are made of. Looking forward to seeing my parents but could not be less excited to be back home, however, I guess I cannot complain.
Hope all is well, Cal.

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