Thursday, 5 July 2012

My Threat to Write this Summer

Hi hi hi,
Basically, apologies for the prolonged absence (not that I can imagine anyone was too bothered,) but what with exams I have simply been too intrigued by medieval English and women’s rights to have much time to blog. Admittedly, during my post-exam binge (which incidentally left my pockets empty and my head even more so,) I wasn’t all that interested either- a travesty I’m sure you’ll agree. However, that is all about to change. This is not really a post in itself. Oh no; please instead regard it as a tantalising teaser of what is yet to come, what is in store for any lucky reader who has stumbled upon this blog. As of Saturday, I am basically lucky enough to be jet-setting around the globe for a good 5 weeks, and I see no better opportunity to write than this. I will be visiting Italy for two weeks- inhabiting such places as Rome, Sorrento, the Amalfi Coast and Tuscany, before dashing off to the busy streets of New York for a week, and finishing in the idyllic paradise that is Bermuda.
Please do stay tuned to be regaled with amusing anecdotes, snippets of information about the places I go, and even hopefully some guest appearances from my fellow travellers- Francesca Whalen (if she’s not too stressed,) Isabella Buono (if she’s not too drunk,) and Sophie Stone (if she’s not ditched us in favour of her own private adventure.) I will try to be a Bill Bryson figure but otherwise think of this as Eat. Pray. Love. in a blog form and myself as your Julia Roberts- minus the mid-life crisis. I hope that those of you who are doing your own travelling will get a chance to check this out, and those who do unfortunately do not have the opportunity may experience some vicarious enjoyment from it. If no-one reads it except my Mum (who will only do so begrudgingly in order to confirm my safety, while tutting at any misuse of grammar and/or bad punctuation,) then that is also ok and I promise not to get too sulky.
Thanks, and see you in Italy!
PS: If you don’t get the Julia Roberts reference, you should get yo’self down to Blockbusta.