Saturday, 14 July 2012

The Eternal City

'Grazi! Prego-' are the two Italian words that I can now fluently exclaim after hours of arduous practice. We are currently in Roma, having finished choir tour very drunkenly yesterday morning and picking up the last (and eagerly awaited) member of our group, Sophie from the airport. With relatively little time in the evening, we decided to visit the Vatican, and thankfully Chessy did not burst into flames despite her role as the minxy anti-Christ. We attempted to convince her to go to confession but she was having none of it.) Today has been very full-on, particularly as it is Sophie's 18th birthday, which provided some pressure. First on the agenda was the colosseum, which is just as impressive as everyone says and which I felt very smug about giving some background to due to my Classics A-level and love of the 'Roman Mysteries' novels. I would also like to publically thank the saint who handed in my wallet to lost and found despite the fact that it was full of loose euros- I put down my good karma to the spiritual encounter of visiting the Vatican yesterday. We have also seen the Roman forum, Trevi fountain, Spanish steps and Pantheon. in short, I felt like Lizzie McGuire/ one of the Olsen twins, it has been busy but amazing in such an exciting city. Tomorrow we move on to Sorrento, which should be slower paced and more relaxed after running around today, which is definitely needed. Ultimately, though I am sad to be leaving the eternal city, I threw a coin into the Trevi fountain and so know that I will definitely be back one day. Also, I have been informed that the weather in England is torrential, so will briefly point out that it is 37 degrees here. See you soon, Cal.

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