Sunday, 15 July 2012

Saucy Sorrento

Things we have learnt so far in Sorrento: 1. If you need to do a number two, make sure to eat some plums. 2. If you choose not to eat at a restaurant, it is highly likely that the head waiter will give you intentionally misleading directions to your hostel. 3. Tequila is dangerous when consumed by Isabella. 4. Chessy gets very stroppy when she has to pay four euros to use a train when she has bought an interrailing ticket. 5. 3D 'cat cards' are an excellent way to pass time when you have missed an inter-city train. 6. Happy hour actually only saves you 88 pence despite buying approximately 12 drinks. 7. Typing on an iPhone when intoxicated is relatively difficult. 8. Sorrento is without doubt one of the most stunning places in the whole of Italy. 9. Pompeii is only a short train-ride away and as such, is on the agenda. 10. Volumising powder makes you 'powderful.'

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